Attractions and Activities in Fuji City.


Let’s introduce the attractions and activities in our town, Fuji City.

Mt. Fuji Climbing Route 3776 - Challenge to Mt. Fuji from zero

“Mt. Fuji Climbing Route 3776” is the unique and challenging route in which you can aim the summit of Mt. Fuji from 0m above sea level. This route is 42km (26miles) long and 3,776m (12,388 feet) high. If you reach the summit collecting stamps during the course, you get a commemorative gift.

Obuchi Sasaba -A spectacular view of the beautiful green of the tea plantations

Shizuoka Prefecture is the most famous tea producing area in Japan. This place is the best photography spot for beautiful green tea plantations with Mt. Fuji.

Tea experience -Feel the rich aroma of Japanese green tea

Tea is produced in a lot of places in the city, and you can experience several things related to tea, such as tea picking, rolling tea, tea making course, tea tasting, “matcha” grinding and so on.