To the Swiss Swimming Community, We are warmly welcome!


In Fuji City of Japan, with the aim of deepening international understanding and fostering goodwill exchanges, we signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in 2022 with the Swiss Aquatics to aim for international exchanges through swimming.

We believe that by learning and respecting each other’s cultures, we can deepen our mutual understanding and desire for peace.

The exchange with the Swiss community represents a significant opportunity for learning and growth for us, and there would be nothing more wonderful than being able to share this valuable experience.

We, Fuji City, have hopes for the following activities.

Sending a “friendship delegation” from Fuji City to Switzerland [Around the summer of 2025]

Sending a “friendship delegation” from Fuji City to Switzerland [Around the summer of 2025]

We aim to realize a homestay program for a goodwill visit to Switzerland, intended to deepen international understanding and cultivate friendships between different cultures.

To execute this plan, we are looking for communities (clubs or local governments) that will welcome our delegation.

Welcoming a “specialized group” from Switzerland to Fuji City [Around the summer of 2026]

We are looking forward to hosting a “friendship delegation” from the Swiss swimming community (especially juniors) to Fuji City.

The visit aims to allow the Swiss delegation to engage with local swimmers and share traditional Japanese culture while staying in Fuji City.

We believe this will be a wonderful opportunity to experience and respect each other’s cultures. We hope to foster mutual understanding with communities interested in visiting Japan, leading to future personnel exchanges.